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The Benefits of Selling Jewelry
The Benefits of Selling Jewelry on eHotBid
When you list your jewelry inventory on eHotBid, you've got a powerful marketplace working for you.
Liquidate Inventory
A quick way to cost-effectively clear excess inventory
Over 2,000 items are sold daily through eHotBid

Acquire New Customers
eHotBid brings you 35000 registered users
Solves seasonal flags in sales

Accelerate Cash Flow
No need to change the way you currently do business
Most listings on eHotBid is completed in 7 days, Fixed price Items are sold  till the stock is over.
Solves seasonal cash flow dips

   eHotBid has Solutions for Any Size Business
  Do It Yourself ***
(most common option)
What is this? Advertise your items on eHotBid, manage and complete the sales process yourself.
Who is this for? Individuals, small retailers, and manufacturers with inventory
Lever of Internal Resources Required Higher. Requires internet-savvy person on staff available to manage process.
Fees Member Ship is Just $9.9 Per Month
You pay Listing Upgrade Fee eHotBid Fees (optional)
How to get started Selling your product is Easy, Listing is Template based
click Here to Start Selling