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Security for Buyer's

Check  feedback of the seller
If the seller is new or feedback is less than 20 do not buy more than $100
Try writing to buyer, see if your getting proper response.
If no proper instance response from buyer!
Then you need to watch out the seller.
No response for more than 3 days, contact us

If the sellers ask you for Cash please do not send,
Send payment only via Pay pal or
Do not give your credit card number
If the seller ask you to make credit card payment
to his merchant account, Please send us the details what
seller had sent you, Let us verify and get you the details than you can send the payment.
Please do not give away your credit card details at any cause.
Do not give your address, until all above criteria is full filled
and your completely happy with the seller!



Contact Us

Having any problem with seller, Please write to us immediately (contact us)

New Scam Today! Feb 09-2005

Lots of seller write to us that a buyer with Yahoo Id want to send payment by Bid Pay!!

   Do no believe this kind of buyer's, They will make up a email as if it
is coming from Bid pay! saying that money will be sent to you. You can ship the win items! Do not trust this kind of email.
if you happens to receive this emails please forward to
We will verify and send you the response in 24hr, until then please do not ship any item, even customer tells you that he need Items urgently.
If the buyer is in more rush, ask the buyer to write to us and get the approval from us.
(Read More)



Security for Seller's

First check feedback for the buyer
Do not ask buyers to pay you through your merchant account. Use third part payment system like pay pal, only. 

Never force a buyer to pay for the item!

If the buyer wins the items, still they have the full right not to buy your items! and pay for it.

Never ask for credit card details, with buyers
Do not ship the wins with out having payment from buyers!


Sellers Forum

For more details visit sellers forum (click here)

 Security Forum

For more information and to post you enquires visit our Forum (Click here)


There is a open forum for buyers and sellers, We encourage all the buyers and sellers to post,
Issues regarding buyer and sellers on to forum
so as to help other in community.
Click here to visit forum

Visit Buyer Protection page




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