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Kunzite, discovered in California in 1902, was named after Tiffany’s chief gemologist, George Frederick Kunz.

Kunz described this durable pastel pink gemstone as having two distinct properties: “phosphorescence” where Kunzite, in this aspect similar to Diamonds, is observed to glow in a darkened room after it has been exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and “pleochroism”, showing different colors when viewed from different directions.

These phenomena are best seen in larger sized gems set into jewelry like pendants, drop and chandelier earrings, and rings with open prong or bar settings that let light flow freely through them, accentuating Kunzite’s fire to full effect.

Kunzite radiates pure Parisian chic, revealing delicate raspberry pinks, frosty lilacs, cool lavenders and hot fuchsias under the warm glow of incandescent light (candlelight). Its subtle coloring perfectly compliments “décolleté” eveningwear, dreamy candlelight and tender blushes, hence its colloquial name “the evening gemstone”.


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