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Jewelry Auction  Start Trading from Great distance!
Is known for its Auction, Fixed price, and classified  items, We have started on June 9th 2004. So we are still pioneering in Auction industry.
Growth rate of on jewelry Auction is Satisfactory?

Buy, Sell and respond to "Auctions" from all over the world. Post your excess inventories for importers, traders, wholesalers, and other buyers to make bid. Get the best bargain for your excess or discontinued products today! Gem&jewelry auctions bring to you the opportunity to shop for sterling Jewelry confidently knowing you are buying fine quality jewelry. This assures of not only price, but also 100%customer satisfaction, service, quality and product range.

Satisfaction of our bidders is of paramount importance. We at, guarantee our listings as described by our own team. If the item you receive is not as described, you shall receive a full refund, including shipping and handling.

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Jewelry Auction


Gem & Jewelry
Business opportunities
Household Items
Body Jewelry
Gold Jewelry
Costume Jewelry
Drop Ship Items
Loose Stone
Loose Stones
Loose Pearl
Pearl Strand
Gold Jewelry
Body Jewelry
Costume Jewelry
Wholesale Lots
Wholesale body jewelry
Tools & Equipment

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