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                         Feedback at

One of the many innovations that introduced to the world of online auction is Feedback.
The idea is simple: If you interact with another user at you can leave positive, Negative or Neutral feedback about that person for everyone else to see.

The easy way to find a users feedback is simple,
see the seller or buyer name next to the name right hand side you can see some number is bracket
click on it you will be able to read the feedback rating for that particular seller or buyer.

All the feedback at is very honest. will not alter any given feedback
unless there is a court order to remove the feed back. so be extra cautious before giving feedback to seller or buyer.

Rules in giving feedback!
Should never use words which will affect the person as such.
should only comment  about product, packing, pricing and shipping aspect of the item.
Before giving negative or neutral feedback try contacting the buyer or seller
as once feedback is given can not be withdrawn !

 Buyer !
Before buying check and see if the seller has enough positive feedback, on the products which he sells.
if the sellers has no rating or lots of Negative feedback try try to see if his active user.
as if the sellers has more than 3 Negative feedback in a Month he will be suspended.
for more assistance try writing to support department.

Seller !See if the buyer has enough positive feedback, Lots of spam buyers wondering around at
do not accept Money order, Try accepting pay pal or credit card through secured gateway like
Do not send replaced of item with out getting the broken, damaged or unsatisfied items. works very hard in getting serious buyer. Some time we are not able to control is the process.
as we are not restricting the bidding only to USA. is worlds market place. People all over the world can buy and sell
if you happen to see any activity that is not appropriate report to

Who can give negative feedback!
  Seller or buyer not able to get response on email in 72 after wins, Can leave Negative feedback.
not satisfied with product, Not happy about the packing, not happy with purchase.

How to remove the Negative or Neutral feedback! will not remove any feedback, as its a part of integral system at
Only way to remove the feedback at is making a legal court order from your local court
at your country and mailing to us a scanned copy will get your Negative or Neutral feedback removed.
Once emailed allow 48 hr to get your feedback removed.