Buyer Protection

At eHotBid, we believe in promoting a safe trading environment and a community of genuine buyers and sellers. Most transactions on eHotBid are hassle-free and smooth. In rare cases where buyers face genuine problems with the sellers, eHotBid assists them through the Buyer Protection Program.
On buying from sellers listed at Directory your covered up to $600

If the seller is found guilty of defrauding the buyer, his eHotBid account shall be deactivated (blacklisted). Further, eHotBid reserves the right to recover the dues and take strict legal action (including initiating criminal proceeding) against the seller.

Any person who, knowingly and with intent to injure, defraud or deceive, files a Buyer Protection Complaint containing false, incomplete, or misleading information will be liable for criminal proceedings.

Buyer Protection Criteria

A buyer can seek protection under the Buyer Protection Program only if:

    1. He has made payment for an item and has never received it.
    2. He has received an item that is significantly lower in value as compared to what was described.

Buyer Protection Coverage

eHotBid Buyer Protection have rights to take strict action on the fraud sellers. The seller's items can be de-listed immediately and the seller can be de-activated from all the services.

Buyer Protection Eligibility

    1. The item should have been purchased on only and reflects in the buyer's "My eHotBid". This specifically excludes any items purchased offline from sellers on eHotBid even if the seller's contact was established through a previous transaction on eHotBid..
    2. A problem should have been lodged on eHotBid using the online dispute form.

    1. In case of Warranty or Money back guarantee the problem has to be lodged within the stipulated warranty/guarantee period or within 60 days of purchase whichever earlier.

    2. In case of faulty or defective or wrong item the problem to be reported within 7 days of receipt of the item.

    3. The purchased item should be legal and in accordance with the User Agreement on eHotBid.
    4. Payment should have been made to the seller for the item.
    5. No more than 2 previous Buyer Protection claims should have been filed by the buyer in any calendar year starting on January 1st of each year.
    6. All documents / proof required for Buyer Protection should have been sent to the Buyer Protection Cell within 45 days of lodging the problem.

Items not covered in Buyer Protection

  • Any item that is paid for using cash (except where Cash on Delivery proof is provided from a Courier Company and the address of the buyer is as mentioned in the order/eHotBid ID), pick up in person or by authorized representative.

  • Wrong items or items in lower value as described & purchased under cash on delivery payment option.

  • Items picked up in person or by an authorized representative.

  • Items damaged or lost in courier/post.

  • Double or over payment.

  • Any excess payment made besides what is mentioned in the order/winning price.

  • Faulty or non-working secondhand items. (Secondhand items can be covered under buyer protection only if the buyer has made the payment and has not received the product).

  • Any item that has been altered, repaired, discarded or resold and not in the same condition as was received.

  • Any payment made to a third party account or any other account other than the third party seller's details as mentioned in the order placed mail or in the seller's details on the eHotBid site.

  • Product color and shades not being of choice.

  • Any orders not visible in the buyer's "My Auctions".

Documents / Information Needed

    1. The Buyer protection form duly filled and signed by you. Click here for the form.

    2. Copies of all your correspondence with the seller to resolve the problem (at least 2 emails).

    3. Proof of payment made by you. Given below are the documents required based on the payment method.

    • In case of payments by Cheque:
      A photo copy of the cheque
      Pay-in slip with the seller as the payee stamped by the bank
      A copy of the your bank statement indicating that the payment has been made.

    • In case of payments by Demand Drafts:
      A photocopy of the Demand Draft drawn in the sellers name
      Receipt of the Demand Draft

    • In case of payments by Cash on Delivery:
      Proof of delivering cash by the courier company to the address of the seller as specified on the site.

    • In case of Pay pal Payments:
      Please give us the complete transaction details.

    4. In case of defective items you may be required to forward it to eHotBid team for inspection. The item must not be altered, repaired, discarded or resold and must be in the same condition as was received.

Steps to claim Buyer Protection


1. First, try to communicate with your seller directly. Many problems are just simple misunderstandings, so try and solve all issues with the seller. To contact the seller, just check the e-mail you received, when you had won the item.

2. If you are still unable to contact the seller and resolve the issue, go through the Buyer Protection Eligibility criteria thoroughly to understand how you can qualify for the eHotBid Buyer Protection Program.

3. Lodge your complaint. Click to do so!

4. Once you lodge the problem, we will forward it to the seller and give him 10 days to resolve the problem. If he fails to do so, eHotBid will intervene and help you out in the resolution of your problem. Even after all this, if the problem remains unresolved and eHotBid concludes that the seller is at fault, you will then be covered under Buyer Protection, based on the policies.

5. Once eHotBid decides to cover you under the buyer protection program submit all the requisite documents to the buyer protection cell. will contact you by email on How to make refund to your account.
If you have a Pay pal account, and paid through pay pal you will refunded to the same email where you had made the payment.
for other payment like Cheque, Cash, Money! you will be contacted by our
Safe harbor department!